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Using Access Control To Protect Students & Staff

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Schools

Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Access

Children are the future. We believe that everyone can agree on this, pretty easily. For this reason, educators, administrators and parents are bringing the topic of school safety to the forefront of discussion and combining efforts to provide safe learning environments for children. We believe that this can be achieved with the implementation of a fully comprehensive security solution offered by Homeland Safety Systems. 

Lockdowns in School Facilities

Any time administrators feel as if there may be a breach of security, whatever that may be, or any time there is an outside threat, with respect to schools, for most institutions, the standard immediate protocol is to secure the entire building, pulling out all the stops to make sure the children are inside and that intruders are kept outside. This is commonly referred to as a “lockdown”.

As simple as this sounds, this is not as easy as it seems. Most of the faculty is in charge of a group of at least 20-25 students and cannot simply leave the students unattended to begin closing doors. This leaves the “lockdown” process in the hands of only a few individuals who are not directly in charge of a group of students.

Most campuses have multiple buildings and multiple community spaces, such as gyms, cafeterias, etc. Having staff hop from building to building, physically locking all of the doors increases the risk for not only the faculty but the students, as well. 

Schools need to leverage an access control system that has the ability to link and lock all of the doors with a cloud-based platform. With the push of a button, all of the doors are locked and secured while monitoring and logging who is actively trying to gain access to the school.

This gives administration valuable time to prepare, time that could not be granted if they were running frantically in an attempt to physically lock every door, in the event of an emergency. 

Types of Access Control


    Keypad access control is a numeric coded keypad that requires a user to enter a unique, assigned PIN number which allows entry through an exterior door or authorized interior rooms. These access control applications are used for access control with low security and limited users with authorized access. An access card is a uniquely encoded electronic key used by authorized persons to enter buildings or specific rooms within. The proximity card reader device electronically reads an access card when inserted into or waved at an exterior side of the door it controls.


    A magnetic locking system is designed to send constant power to the lock. When a valid card is scanned at the door, the access control panel sends signal to a relay at the door. This signal will cut power to the lock and allow the person to open the door & gain entrance into the building.


    We typically uses two types of electric strike locking devices; recessed mounted and surface mounted. The recessed mounted electric strike is inset into the door frame and replaces the fixed strike faceplate on the door. When a valid card is scanned, power is supplied to the strike which releases the latch bar and allows the person to pull the door open without turning the knob. The surface mounted electric strike operates almost exactly like the recessed electric strike, except it is installed on top of the frame rather than recessed into the frame. This type of lock is designed for doors that use rim-type surface mounted panic bars. This type of locking device will always ensure free egress so there is no hinderance to evacuate during an emergency.


    Biometric readers are electronic access control devices that determine someone's identity by detecting and matching physical characteristics such as hand features, eye scans, and facial recognition. This technology eliminates lost or stolen access cards and offer very high security, but are typically the most expensive.

Security Integration for Schools

One solution doesn’t fit all when it comes to security. The concept of integration is an important strategy to help facilities and campuses achieve the protection they deserve: protection the students and teachers deserve. Homeland Safety Systems is dedicated to coming up with a solution for each and every school on an individual basis.

By enabling schools to remotely monitor and lock down their perimeters in the event of an emergency, we give schools not only a peace of mind, but also the security they deserve, as well. 

With the number of school threats being increasingly prevalent, schools need to seek out the help of technology when it comes to security. Working with a respected company, such as Homeland Safety Systems, can ensure that your campus will be prepared in the event of an emergency. Give us a call today for a free walkthrough and evaluation of your facility, or complete our contact form.

Isn't it time to protect our future?

From consultation and design, to installation and maintenance, we integrate our products to provide convienient, quality security solutions that allow for future growth and expandability.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing system, get started with Homeland Safety Systems today for all of your security needs.