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Video Surveillance in Schools


5 Reasons Your School Should Have Video Surveillance

School security is at the forefront of conversation and on the back of parents’ minds across the nation. With bullying on the rise and gun violence becoming more frequent, it demands the question of whether or not school systems are doing everything in their power to keep students safe while at school. The right security plan should continually grow with a school; therefore, as times continue to change, the measures of security also need to change. Audio and video surveillance offers a solution to many of the problems our schools face today and gives a safe, more secure environment for students.

School Video Surveillance Reason 1: Deters Crime

It’s better to be proactive than reactive, especially when it comes to violence in schools. Prevention can go a long way. Installing security cameras out of children’s reach but where they are clearly visible has shown that it can deter some types of malicious activity. At the very least, installing cameras will deter theft, vandalism, false alarms, etc. Video surveillance has also shown to deter illicit behavior by minors on school property. Cameras can be placed in the school and also surrounding areas, including parking lots, sports fields, and other typical gathering places. In the event that an accident occurs, the cameras are there to insure justice is served in the best and more efficient way possible. 

School Video Surveillance Reason 2: Monitor Campus

Being able to keep an eye on the entire campus, in real time, should be a real relief to most in the school system. Cameras may be placed at entrances, exits, and also off-limit locations. They can be set for motion activation. This means that if someone goes to an area in which they are not supposed to be, the camera will be activated and you will be notified via message, call, or text. This is extremely helpful when the school is closed overnight, over the holidays, and especially during extended breaks. 

School Video Surveillance Reason 3: Keep Students and Staff Safe

The most obvious and important reason to choose video surveillance for your school is to provide a safe environment for teachers, students, and staff. Cameras that are regularly monitored are able to monitor students, watch for situations that may become problematic, and attempt to keep bullying to a minimum. Depending on where they’re placed, they can also monitor who comes on and off school property. 

Video surveillance systems come in clutch when a disaster does happen inside of a school. The ability for authorities to visually assess the situation allows them to make more accurate judgement calls. This, in turn, leads to faster and safer evacuations, faster notifications, more efficient securing of school grounds. 

School Video Surveillance Reason 4: Classroom Accountability

Too often, it is one person’s word against the other. Having the ability to monitor what happens inside of a classroom encourages both students and teachers to remain accountable for their actions. Not only can the application of audio and video coverage enhance communication between students, teachers, parents, and administrators, but it can also hold someone responsible during the cases of “he said, she said,” bullying, or negative interferences as a whole. Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. has documented cases where school cameras and security systems not only reduce violence in schools and classrooms, but also where grades and test scores have significantly increased because both students and teachers are held more accountable.

School Video Surveillance Reason 5: Peace of Mind

Everyone is on the same team, and at the end of the day, everyone wants students, teachers, faculty, everyone to feel confident and safe in a good learning environment. By adding video surveillance into your security strategy, you will have a better peace of mind knowing that you are providing your school with the best comprehensive security measures you have available. 

For over sixteen years, we continue to provide extensive security risk assessments an install complete safety solutions all across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. For more information contact Homeland Safety Systems at 888-909-2261 or fill out our contact form!

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